30 June 2016

Do you manage a theme park, a museum or a brand? This is how your VR/5D movie should be like

Do you manage a theme park, a museum or a brand? If you want to implement a XD movie it should be a tailor-made one. Read the tips to create the best film for you!
24 May 2016

5 common problems 5D theater owners face (and how to fix them)

Working in the amusement industry is great, but sometimes professionals dealing with multisensory films meet some issues. Learn how to fix all of them!
5 May 2016

Three reasons why you should update your immersive video content

Have you noticed a drop in attendance? Has your simulator lost its appeal? Updating your movie library is fairly easy and it doesn’t require a lot of effort
1 February 2016

How to choose the perfect 5D film for your amusement park

What are the best features a multi-sensory film must have in order to success? This is what you should keep in mind when choosing a movie for your theme park