We’re the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions.
We make CGI content to make your audience feel the most intense emotions while experiencing them.

Being an attraction focused in-house CGI studio, we have direct communication with our clients who need CGI content for their attractions and we definitely know the market we are working in.
We believe that special effects, storytelling, and motion programming are the fundamental elements to deliver an amazing immersive experience. Through the right combination of these elements within a CGI content, we know how to create the WOW EFFECT!

Ever since we founded our company, we focused on and produced content only for media based attractions. Immersive Tunnels, VR Roller Coasters, Indoor Roller Coasters, Custom Simulators, Dome Theaters, Flying Theaters, we have produced content for different hardware and today we can suggest the best immersive content according to the type of venue and attraction.

Plus, given the fact that we have been collaborating with several leading hardware manufacturers in our industry, the content we produce perfectly fits in every media based attraction.

But it hasn’t always been so easy. When we approached this industry we had to face several difficulties. We had to find the perfect strategy to stand out from the other companies and offer something they didn’t. That’s when we decided we wanted to focus on one thing and one thing only, that is producing CGI content that is specifically thought for media based attractions.

In this industry, there are many companies that sell content too, such as Middlemen, Generic and Local studios with no or little expertise on digital attractions, and the Hollywood studios.
But is speaking to them really the solution you are looking for?

Middlemen - for instance, distribution companies - don’t produce what they sell but act like brokers. If you turn to them you might incur in issues that could be easily avoided.

Complex communications, no after-sale support, extra costs for their commercial brokering, no control over the story and the production of the movie, just to name a few.

When you have to deal with a distribution company, you’ll find yourself with a lot of questions in your mind.

“Who made this? Where did they produce it? Is this company able to help me if I have any technical issue after they deliver the movie? Do they have the technical expertise? With a middleman involved, how long will it take them to solve my problem?”

These companies sell films created by other studios and don’t have the technical skills to produce them. This means that if something goes wrong they aren’t able to solve the problems directly.

Then we have Local and Generic studios that take plenty of time to start the production process as they first have to figure out how to manage the work.
“Will a generic CGI movie production studio that does other types of 3D works be able to create appropriate content for a media based attraction such as an immersive tunnel? Did this local generic CGI movie production studio ever worked with any of our hardware providers?”

Most of these questions translate into delays in delivering the work, which by the way, most of the times isn’t correctly done and the content won’t fit the hardware. Plus, extra costs compared to the initial ones, to make adaptations and changes.

These companies are focused on other types of 3D works, such as commercials, domestic cartoons, TV series and there is no connection with the production of content for digital attractions.

Last but not least, let’s speak about Hollywood’s production studios. These could be the best option if you have a budget of several hundred thousand dollars per minute since these companies produce top feature films for the big screen. These studios are very competent but given they produce top feature films, the price they give you will be too high compared to the price that a company focused on the industry might give you. If your budget isn’t of several hundred thousand dollars per minute you can’t even think of asking them!

If you are an amusement professional who is looking into digital attractions you can count on us, the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions.

We’re an in-house production company and we can’t stress this enough. This means that we take care of all the aspects of content creation in-house, from the pre-production phase to the post-production one, passing by the production process. You won’t have to deal with middlemen anymore. One studio does all!

Furthermore, we have a standardized production process that we developed during these years. This means that if you want us to produce your content, you can be sure that everything will be delivered on time and just as you have imagined. Up till today, we have never delivered a work late, you can ask every each one of our clients or read the testimonies given by them during the years.

As it is plain to see, ever since we have founded our company we worked to develop technical knowledge to work within the industry of digital attractions. We have been focusing on this market and we never once backed away from a challenge!

When we show our clients their new content, they immediately realize the advantages of working with an attraction focused studio and that we have the skills in creating content for all digital attractions.

Who we work with: theme parks, museums, FECs, and shopping malls. Our main target is the venues that are looking for a brand new way to amaze their audience with an attraction that can give emotions through marvelous CGI content.

Forget about endless phone calls around the world just to discuss one topic.

Discover the advantage of collaborating with the CGI studio
specialized in media based attractions!

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