What the attractions industry professionals say about us

"Red Raion is a dynamic animation movie production house. This is key for Triotech as we like to work with media partners that have an integrated view of movie making and understand the world of attractions."
Ernest Yale

President, CEO & Founder | Triotech

“I had to present a new theme park project to some international partners. Red Raion has been quick and effective in delivering a high quality video at a reasonable cost: an immersive 3D walk through the park. They were part of the success of the idea and the presentation.”
Stefano Cigarini

Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Events | Ferrari

“Red Raion and Holovis work together through a strategic partnership to leverage the value-add offerings of both companies and to offer turn-key next-generation attractions and experiences that are uniquely different to any other similar solutions in this industry. Holovis chose to work with Red Raion not only because of their in-house core capabilities in the creative development and production of fantastic storytelling, media and virtual reality content, but because of their teams refreshing approach to working transparently, efficiently and with such energy and enthusiasm with their partners and end-clients.”
Stuart Hetherington

CEO | Holovis

"Red Raion is one of our trusted production partners. We love working with the team and can count on them to meet our needs, whether prerendered VR/3D content or interactive gaming."
Shawn Forgaard

Sales and Marketing Director | MediaMation Inc.

"VR offers a wide area of activities. Beside pure gaming and even simulation use, the technology found its way into the entertainment industry. Theme parks, family entertainment centers and museums either use that technology already or think investing in such attractions. The technology is available now and in a state where it starts attracting more and more people. But technology alone does not move anything forward. It is the creative people who breathe life into the dead piece of hardware and give it his destination. If VR technology should be successful then content is the key to bring it to the audience. Red Raion - an Italian company and my partner - are dedicated to deliver content for VR technologies. The team has great ideas and a good feeling of what we need in this new market segment. They also understand the technology very well and animate their movies with the right understanding for speed and an excellent mix of effects. It is important to understand the concepts of the hardware very well to deliver the maximum result to the people. Red Raion pushes the limits and is always a step ahead when it comes to VR content. The demand for content is growing in any direction and in any quality we wish that Red Raion continues to deliver that quality and grow with every production they do. We look into a great future."
Paul Wiegand

Managing Director | ER - Entertainment Resource

"At DOF Robotics, we design the fastest and most dynamic simulation platforms in the attractions industry. What we need is video content that can keep up with the latest technology. Having Red Raion as one of our best partners helped our business in many regards. Their movies are exciting and thrilling for our clients and perfectly match our design philosophy. Their specialization in virtual reality experiences is very important to us, as it allows us to rely on advanced movies, specifically designed for our industry. Their proven track record with VR movies makes our business easier, since hardware and software flawlessly work together."
Bakit Baydaliev

CEO | DOF Robotics

"Red Raion has been a great supplier to Cine6D over the last 2 years. We appreciate the help they have given us and the films have given added value to our businesses since they are very cost-effective to buy and show."
Martin Hancock

Owner | Cine6D Lanzarote

"iStudios Entertainment Egypt is one of the leading operators in the 3D cinemas in Egypt. As iStudios we are able to maintain our leadership with the support of our partner Red Raion. Red Raion is one of the best movie producers all over the world. The action and horror movies we purchased from Red Raion are high quality - which increases our sales, customer satisfaction and, as a consequence, our revenues. We really appreciate your outstanding work and unique movies. Looking forward to buying your new ones!"
Mohamed Yousri

General Manager | iStudios Entertainment Egypt

"I have decided to bring highly innovative products in our industry. Surely one of the brand new technologies is Virtual Reality. As a consequence, I searched for a company that could help to develop this idea by taking into consideration my specific prospects: I've definitely found what I was looking for in Red Raion. The team was able to meet my specific needs and was also open to cooperate on non ordinary business opportunities. Additionally, Red Raion has a highly expertise in the VR content development, in other skills related to the team activities and the time effectiveness. I am sure that what we have been planning for my market niche will be successful."
Enrico Fabbri

CEO | Fabbri Rides

"First of all, it’s our honor to know this amazing company Red Raion, one of our close partner for making VR movie. Red Raion is known as the leader of VR movie production company in the attraction industry. We keep always a friendly relationship with Red Raion. Besides, they are good at the customization of movie with their efficient reply. We are really happy to know the Red Raion and we expect to have much more cooperation with them."
Cristophe Lucchini

CEO | CL Corporation

"Red Raion, one of the best graphical contents and exciting experiences that I've ever tried and used! They have increased the value of our VR simulators. My congratulations."
Franck Torrano

CEO | Whiplash Entertainment

"At My Baby, we decided to license Red Raion's movies because they've produced different genres that perfectly suited our customers from young to adults. Joining the movie package, we have brand new movies constantly directly from an in-house production studio. Our audience is happier and the business is growing. The customer service is great. Hope for a long term relationship in the future."
Jess Knaan

President | Kids Airport LTD

"I bought a 5D simulator from a Chinese manufacturer a few years ago. They provided me the hardware with 40 films or more included in the package. I admit the price was very cheap, that’s why I decided to choose them. At the end of the day, I got what I paid for: unfortunately, the only movies I could use were only 5 as the quality and the stories were really poor to excite my audience and attract new guests to the attraction. In addition to this, the manufacturer installed me a closed system that did not allowed me to use new films and sync them into my system. I was very frustrated and I did not know what to do. I decided to ask support to different film distribution companies that could not support me. Then, I called Red Raion and I finally got a solution. In order to renew my film library, the in-house production studio helped me both with the upgrade of my hardware by using one of their partners and the new 5D movies that are definitely an added value for my business. Now I have the chance to offer brand new movies periodically to my old spectators, attract new ones and make money."
Ricardo Rodrigues

Owner | Anoki Eventos

"As 7D Cinema Australia we are happy to announce our satisfaction with the movies which have been purchased from Red Raion. All movies are in perfect quality in regards to 3D images, sound, picture quality and the most important is our customer satisfaction and good feedback about the experience. Besides that, we are very satisfied with the after-sale support. There is absolutely no regret for making a long-term contract with your company. We look forward to seeing your more significant project in the near future."
Halit Kaymak

General Director & Technical Supervisor | 7D Cinema Australia

"Red Raion has a great range of movies, we felt that it suited our customers from young children up to adults of all ages. Their movie packages are great value and we look forward to working with them in the coming years with the additional movies that they release. The customer service is great and they were amazing in providing us with the movies quickly along with the promotional posters."
Michael Kurt

Managing Director | M&H Simulator Pty

"It is important to rely on in-house production studios specialized in the creation of immersive contents, such as Red Raion which has the technical expertise and the knowledge of the cutting-edge innovations in this industry, a company that is specialized in the development of VR/5D contents and technologies that will definitely add value to an attraction inside an amusement park."
Francisco Azlor

Chief Operating Officer | PAM - Parques Reunidos