VR Contents

18 May 2016

5 myths about virtual reality, debunked

You may have heard something scary about VR, but that's not necessarily true. Here are the most common misconceptions associated with virtual reality.
5 May 2016

Three reasons why you should update your immersive video content

Have you noticed a drop in attendance? Has your simulator lost its appeal? Updating your movie library is fairly easy and it doesn’t require a lot of effort
23 March 2016

What’s the difference between 5D and Virtual Reality (and what do they have in common)?

5D and Virtual Reality: two immersive technologies that are transforming entertainment from its roots. What is the difference between the two? Find it out!
1 February 2016

Do you manage a simulator? This is why ride films are better than attraction films for you

5D films divide into two groups: ride films and attraction films. And 5D ride films are the best choice if you own a simulator