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20 February 2017

Behind the scenes: how VR/5D movies are made

What's behind VR movies? How do 5D films work? As a video production company we're more than glad to have you inside our studio to get a sneak peek!
16 January 2017

Storyboard: the hidden superpower you didn’t know you had

A storyboard can be your best assistant when choosing your next virtual reality or multi-sensory movie for your theme park, museum or brand
30 June 2016

Do you manage a theme park, a museum or a brand? This is how your VR/5D movie should be like

Do you manage a theme park, a museum or a brand? If you want to implement a XD movie it should be a tailor-made one. Read the tips to create the best film for you!
1 February 2016
Red Raion - The Weird Race 5D - Screenshot 11

Do you manage a simulator? This is why ride films are better than attraction films for you

5D films divide into two groups: ride films and attraction films. And 5D ride films are the best choice if you own a simulator