5D Films

10 February 2017

5 reasons why people love ride films

Everyone loves ride films! This is arguably the most popular VR/5D movie genre. But why do people love them? Find out the 5 top reasons!
16 January 2017

Storyboard: the hidden superpower you didn’t know you had

A storyboard can be your best assistant when choosing your next virtual reality or multi-sensory movie for your theme park, museum or brand
15 November 2016

6 reasons to get a movie package

With a movie package your multi-sensory theater or virtual reality simulator unleashes its full potential. This is the best way to renew your multimedia offer!
3 October 2016
Red Raion - Da Vinci's Touch 5D - Screenshot 3

4 things Leonardo da Vinci can teach you about immersive movies

Do you want to be successful with VR and 5D movies? Try the Leonardo da Vinci approach! "Be curious" is the first rule... What the other ones will be?